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    R U LISTENING commented  · 

    Quite frankly any type of web usage that is misused and federal laws are broken, such as false claims where as the webmaster of the site allows such a posting to be displayed, not only is this defamatory to character but it is highly damaging to anyone it effects as a connection. Most is because of news media posting or allowing paid funds to post a lie! this should be driven home to their heads and made clear, follow the lines or get bumped! its not just the social networks screwing up, its anyone and everyone trying to pull a fast one which is childish and shows a inferiority complex of trying to make up for a sad childhood either because they were ignored or maybe perhaps they are given the floor to run a muck as they see fit, either way, DAMAGE is DAMAGE. Do any of these hot shots ever learn their rules? Hellfire... you can't get a drivers license unless you pass the written test and even those point out the RULES, hello, are we here? (finger points to head which holds what we all know as THE BRAIN)

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