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    Duane commented  · 

    I recently received an end of service bill from verizon when I switched to ATT. I only had 8 days on that months service. I expected maybe an 80 dollor bill and was shocked to see they wanted 335.73. When I called after finally reaching someone was told that they were still billing me for a hotspot which was turned off on dec 4 the day i switched to ATT. He promised a resolution. about 10 days later I received a dunning notice demanding 355.73. I called back and now i have been informed I was a month behind which I know is false. I was paid up untill Nov. 26th I should have beern billed 8 days. I got shuffled around to 5 different people none whom had talked to the one previously and I had to start over. I asked for a detailed bill so they transfered me again only to be told they couldnt do that. I have no access to my bill as my acct there is closed. Finally frustrated beyond measure and 2 hours on this one phone call i just said see you in court. between myself and my wife we have wasted 10 hours of our life we'll never get back. any suggestions out there. Lawyers cost alot more than 335.73 but damm if I want to just roll over and pay them for something they dont deserve.

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