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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I tend to agree with the original poster, BUT everyone has to know the rules, and the FCC has to make sure the networks keep their side of the bargain:

    1. ALL programming has to be appropriately rated. If the programming is a live feed, the networks are still responsible for its content, even if requires a delay for necessary sanitation. Also, networks and local stations are responsible for assuring that their commercials are also appropriate for the rating they have posted, just as theater operators have to make sure their trailers much match the rating of the feature film.

    2. ALL parents are responsible for what their kids watch. If the programming is appropriately labelled, and their television's v-chips are appropriately set and working, then their families will not be accidentally exposed to inappropriate programming.

    If the programmers, and advertisers, do not live up their end of the bargain, of course parents and other concerned viewers have the responsibility to petition them, and the FCC, individually or in groups.

    If their kids continually resetting the v-chips in order to seek out inappropriate programming, that is a discipline problem, and, no, it doesn't take a "village" or a "nanny state" to remedy the situation...just better parenting!

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