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    LW commented  · 

    I am sick of Commercials! The latest is the Capital One commercial featuring Samuel L Jackson cursing. Why bother bleeping out words and editing the shows for language and content if you're just going to allow the commercials to use foul language, show nudity and use *** to sell every product? The "I only need 7 minutes" commercial for Liquid Plumbr is disgusting! Especially the extended version where the man throws down a large pipe in front of the woman at the end. Even the Rice Krispie Treat commercial with the pregnant woman and the boy asking "How'd THAT happen?" I am about ready to throw the television out the door! Kids see this stuff every single day and commercials like these are forcing them to see and hear things they are not ready to comrehend for yet. I believe in being honest with my kid and we talk about things. Little kids seeing thes commercials everyday are getting the message that it's okay to talk like that and act like that and exposes them to ****** situations before they are emotionally and mentally ready to comprehend such things. It is horrible that we take time to select something to watch as a family, only to have to dive for the remote because the commercials are worse than the show! We're not uptight in our house, but we also don't want our kid walking around cursing at people and thinking everything around him has a ****** angle. We want him to be a kid before he has to start thinking about such things. When I see these commercials advertising in such ways I add them to my list of products/companies I won't use or purchase.

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