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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I just can't understand how the morning news on channel 10 in Philly could show an outtake from SNL with "GD" included. Like Lor says below, the FCC's lopsided control of what is broadcast needs to be addressed.

    Thank you Lor, this is a very nice comment.
    Lor Greenwood commented · October 04, 2019 10:43 · Flag as inappropriate

    Christians are offended by people taking the lord's name in vain on TV. Meanwhile, a simple word like **** or **** that has pretty much every day usage for a lot of people is beeped over, like it's so offensive. If everyone is supposed to be so PC, why is it not politically correct to respect the Christian. This comes from myself, somebody that would never think to drop the K bomb around a Jew, or attack Muslim people or other faiths using vulgar language when referring to their Gods. This should not be allowed. Some people just take freedom of speech too far. This is what happens when you have people w/o a soul- idiots at the helm.

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