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    j wylder commented  · 

    Create an Emergency Radio Service Comprised of licensees/permittees across all radio services.

    Sounds good on paper, but the realities in doing so are enormous. Please not another government agancy. Varied agencies and Services already have an emergency communications infrastructure. Many of them are out there. I do not think we need to created a new another albatross agency to serve stated purpose. What is needed is a COMMON CALLING FREQUENCY. Traffic can be passed off to the serving or served agency on their frequency. This calling and coordinating frequency (like a radio 911) can pass the caller off to the appropriate venue. It should be a frequency good nationally day and night (around 10.150 MHz). There propagation will most always be well CONUS wide. Have an operator on 24/7. Have a very small staff and a computer to assess the traffic and recommend venue for the caller to move off and handle the emergency. A clearing house, or triage, if you will. A single place where one can begin the process when local venues prove inadequate. Have not only all licensed radio amateurs, but SHARES, MARS, and yes FEMA might take the lead if they don't come up with volumes of instructions that just confuses everyone (same with then DHS cabal). No volumnous rules needed. Call signs already assigned are adequate; no need for a new call sign system. We all just about do speak the same jargon (SHARES/MARS/DHS and even HAMS). The ARRL NTS forms works well for everything, no new device or training is necessary. It is intitutive, It is simple, and it has worked for some 80 years. No need to reinvent the wheel. No need to a staff of lawyers, just do it.

    Now that I have deeply thought about this, I must say, we have long needed this. Hay, Alaska has one.

    Please give us all 10.150 MHz usb fro emergency calling. Have a station in the mIdwest or Colorado set to do the job, BIG 10 kW station power. Add beverage receieve antennas, . After all, there was a reason we relocated WWV there; so that location was well thought out.
    Jim Wylder, KE6OJ / NNN0QZV
    Silverdale WA

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