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    S.Rose shared this idea  · 
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    S.Rose commented  · 

    Belive just happened to me...We need FCC to back us up ! ATT called me to get Uverse...told me for $107.95 a month, free installation/activation- digital phone/ unlimited calling LD& Loc./ internet/ TV-4sets andboxes.....for 1 yr. then would go to 135 thereafter...ha ha..FOUND OUT about 5 days later (AFTER INSTALLATION) via call to see if things were working that they wanted $144...I spent 2 days on the phone and finally they said the best theycould do Was $119 plus taxes amounting to about $10....Ok ...They waived the installation/activation -set-up- 2nd box they were going to charge me for....gave me the 100 or $ 200 rebate( what ever came with the uverse 300 pkg ) but did not say I had to use the service for 30 days. ( THE BILL I RECEIVED 8/15/16 DOES NOT REFLECT THE $119 PLUS TAX WHICH I WAS QUOTED ON AUG 3. ) ATT pro-rated July28-thru Aug 30- 3 days for $24.16....Taxes on the Aug.1 billing come to $25.72. NOT $10....ALL THESE FIGURES ARE BASED ON $141.95 PLUS $3. HIGH SPEED INTERNET FEE !.....ALL THIS AS I UNDERSTAND GOES UP AGAIN IN 6 MONTHS....BUT THE ORIGINAL WAS FOR A YEAR....THE MONTHS 7 THRU 12 GOES UP TO $139 PLUS TAX, AS I WAS QUOTED ON AUG. 3, 2010. I HAVE ALL THIS SCRIBBLED DOWN ON SHEETS OF PAPER. HAS ANYONE ELSE ESPERIECED THIS FROM ATT? I HAVE ASKED PEOPLE IN MEMHIS AND THEY SAID THAT ATT UVERSE DID THEM THE SAME WAY !....HELP US FCC.

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